Rooted in
At home in our kitchens, we experimented with fermentation. Brought together by a mutual love for wild and cultivated medicinal plants, we combined our crafts and started making kombucha. When we shared our brew with family and friends, the people wanted more.
Stewarded by Herbalists

We are Bri and Helen.  Both trained herbalists, seasoned gardeners, brewers, and service industry veterans with over 25 years of experience between us. Our extensive understanding of growing and preparing medicinal and culinary plants stems from formal herbal trainings and ongoing practice as herbalists in the community. Our shared insight of how herbs grow best and how and when to harvest seasonal edible plants is coupled with experience formulating recipes to best showcase the botanicals in each batch of our kombucha.

Brewed Auspiciously 

We consider communing with nature to create a living beverage to be a sacred act. We brew each batch with reverence for the plants and people that have made this possible. With joy in our hearts, we set our intentions to create a superior product that is made to be shared. Each batch is brewed with integrity and authenticity, auspiciously.