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Rooted in
At home in her kitchen Auspicious Brew founder, Helen, experimented with fermentation.  Drawing from a background of tending both wild and cultivated medicinal plants, and mixology, she combined her crafts and started making kombucha. When she shared her brew with family and friends, the people wanted more.
Community Minded

Over nearly five years, Auspicious Brew grew from a tiny seed of an idea into the first licensed kombucha brewery in the state of New Hampshire. We opened in the Fall of 2020, and since then have been thrilled to welcome you into a vibrant space where inclusivity is our driving force. We pride ourselves on hosting our community in a place where all are welcome who welcome all. 

Brewed Auspiciously 

We consider communing with nature to create a living beverage to be a sacred act. We brew each batch with reverence for the plants and people that have made this possible. With joy in our hearts, we set our intentions to create a superior product that is made to be shared. Each batch is brewed with integrity and authenticity, auspiciously.

Weekend Market
Jay Leavitt (head brewer) and
Helen Leavitt (founder, CEO)
Kate Sheridan (front of house manager + event creatrix)
Joe Hayner (sales + delivery)
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