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* = locally sourced ingredient

1% ABV
5 oz. $3.75, Pint $7.00

1. Queen Tide 1%: elderberry, ginger

Tasting notes: herbal, sweet, zesty

Talking points: Crafted with two herbs that are prime for supporting our immune system 


2. Island Time 1%: mango, hibiscus, passion fruit

Tasting notes: juicy, tropical, bright

Talking points: one of our most popular flavors, let it transport you! 
Year Round

3. Swamp Thing 1%: matcha, spearmint, lime

Tasting notes: tart, refreshing, cooling, bright

Talking points: One of our OG flavors, back by popular demand!

Year Round


5% ABV

5 oz. $4.75, Pint $8.00

4. Green Space 5%: pineapple, Brewer's Gold hops, lemon verbena 

Tasting notes: bitter, tropical, citrusy

Talking points: Our nod to beer lover's! 

Year round

5. Jungle Space Jam 5%: turmeric, ginger, mango, cayenne 

Tasting notes: spicy, juicy, robust 

Talking points: Crowd pleaser! Decent heat level that is mellowed out by juicy mango

Year Round

6. Shake Yer Rose Hips 5%: rose hips, spearmint*, ginger, lime

Tasting notes: cooling, floral, zesty

Talking points: Sweet, vitamin C rich rose hips paired with homegrown spearmint, use this to make a moscow mule you'll never forget!


7. Tiki Hut 5%: cherry, pineapple, coconut, tangerine, lime, allspice

Tasting notes: sweet, spiced, tropical

Talking points: A beloved hard kombucha blend inspired by a Mai Tai!

Year Round

8. Farmer's Lemonade 5%: lavender, lemon, butterfly pea flower

Tasting notes: sweet, tart, floral

Talking points: Inspired by our Lavender Lemonade, made famous at the Seacoast Eat Local Farmer's Markets!


FLIGHT $18 - Try all 8 draft flavors! 3.5 oz. of each


STEP 1: Buy a bottle ~ $6 each (bring it back to refill!)

  • Squealer (32 oz.)
  • ​Growler (64 oz.)

STEP 2: Fill your bottle with any flavor on draft!​​
  • $14.50 squealer
  • $28 growler​

  • $16.50 squealer
  • $32 growler



The Alchemist 1%: mutsu apple*, sage*, mugwort*, nutmeg

Tasting notes: tart, spiced, herbal, bitter

Talking points: Our SCORPIO seasonal flavor. Locally grown mutsu apple (mild, tart green variety), homegrown sage and mugwort. The flavors of deep fall, of the earth dying back and turning inward, the last harvest. 

Scorpio Season: The height of fall

The Artisan 1%: lavender*, chamomile, lemon basil*

Tasting notes:  herbal, astringent, citrusy

Talking points: Our VIRGO season flavor 

Virgo Season: The end of summer

Bar Fly 5%: cherry, ginger, lime

Tasting notes: bright, tart, warming

Talking points: Back when Auspicious Brew was just an idea, the restaurant where Helen worked was closing permanently and she took home tons of garnishes from the bar: cherries, limes, and fresh ginger. Enter: The Bar Fly!

Year Round

Beet St. 5%: beet, ginger, sumac, allspice, pink peppercorn

Tasting notes: earthy, sweet, spiced

Talking points: a beautifully hued and beet forward blend of roots and spices


Bramble On 5%: blackberry, spearmint, lime, raspberry leaf

Tasting notes: bright, tart, refreshing, complex, funky 

Talking points: a blackberry mojito inspired blend

Year Round

Buzzin’ Around: 1% coffee, chicory root, cinnamon, vanilla 

Tasting notes: smooth, balanced, flowery, notes of caramel

Talking points: a fan favorite! Chicory is often used in coffee alternatives for its deep, rich, smooth flavor. Light notes of cinnamon and vanilla add depth


Clear Skies 1%: blueberry, hawthorn berry, lemon verbena*, lemon

Tasting notes:  bright, tart, herbaceous

Talking points: Made with homegrown lemon verbena and nourishing antioxidant rich hawthorn berry

Year Round

Dark Arts 1%: charcoal, tulsi*, lemon, lime, maple*

Tasting notes: sweet, floral, smooth

Talking points: The house favorite! Made black from activated charcoal, and blended with homegrown tulsi and local maple syrup. Think floral, funky lemonade and please use it for all your Spooky Season cocktails!


The Dreamer 1%: pear, molasses, ginger, cardamom

Tasting notes: well-rounded, juicy, and sweet

Talking points: Sail away on The Dreamer's notes of sweetness, a touch of sunshine to celebrate the increasing light of Pisces Season!

Pisces Season: The end of winter

Dulce y Picante 5%: pineapple, jalapeño, cilantro, lime

Tasting notes: juicy, spicy, herbaceous 

Talking points: You're already planning on ordering Dos. What are you waiting for?

Year Round

Fields and Forests 1%: wintergreen*, spearmint*, tulsi*, anise hyssop*, birch bark, cinnamon, ginger, molasses

Tasting notes: earthy, cooling, spiced

Talking points: Our take on root beer! Locally foraged wintergreen, homegrown tulsi, anise hyssop, and spearmint.

Late summer/Fall

Fo Shizzy 1%: schisandra berry, rose, spearmint, lemongrass, lime

Tasting notes: tart, unique, astringent 

Talking points: schisandra is known as the 5 flavor berry and takes you through all flavor profiles- sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami- and is the dominant flavor of this blend. Soft floral notes from the rose, cooling mint, and citrus create a truly one of a kind taste experience.

Year Round

Frost Moon 5%:  Cascade hops, elderflower, lemon

Tasting notes: bitter, floral, citrusy 

Talking points: An elegant hopped flavor with sweet floral notes from the elderflower and well balanced acidity 


Go Getter 5%: hibiscus, guava, roasted habanero 

Tasting notes: spicy, tropical, bright

Talking points: Our ARIES season flavor, bringing all the heat our fiery friends know and love!


Good Greens 1%: nettle, lemon balm*, raspberry leaf

Tasting notes: herbal, refreshing, earthy

Talking points: a balanced, nutritive blend crafted with nourishing green herbs


Here We Gose 5%: grapefruit, hops, toasted coriander, sea salt

Tasting notes: bitter, herbaceous, tart 

Talking points: our take on a Gose style beer!

Year Round

High Sea 5%: cranberry, pomegranate, ginger, lime

Tasting notes: tart, zesty, bright, punchy

Talking points: all plants high in vitamin c, great this time of year for supporting immune functioning! 


Jolly Juice 5%: watermelon, mint, lime, sea salt

Tasting notes: sweet, tart, juicy

Talking points: Inspired by everybody's favorite watermelon candy — you know the one!


Just Bee 1%: lemon, rosemary*, honey*

Tasting notes: herbal, bright, sweet

Talking points: Brewed with local honey and our own homegrown rosemary, this one calls in Spring in celebration of all pollinators! 


Lilac Rain 1%: blueberry, elderberry, lavender

Tasting notes: floral, tannic, aromatic

Talking points: The deep purple of this blend is very on brand, and makes it one of our favorite classic flavors.  This is one of our OG bottle offerings, and is now on draft due to popular demand!

Year round

The Lionheart 5%: black currant, ginger, lemongrass*

Tasting notes: tart, sassy, bright

Talking points: Our Leo Season flavor, bright like the sun and a bit dry, too! Pucker up for a summertime smooch


Liquid Gold 1%: turmeric, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, red rooibos

Tasting notes: smooth, sweet, spiced

Talking points: inspired by Golden Milk- an Ayurvedic recipe. Features red rooibos, a nutty and sweet tea


Love Potion 5%: strawberry, tulsi*, cacao, clove

Tasting notes: sweet, floral, spiced

Talking points: A lovely, heart opening blend crafted with aphrodisiacs


Nature Spirit 1%: pomegranate, fennel

Tasting notes: tart, sweet, astringent

Talking points: Our Taurus Season flavor, bringing in the sweet tastes of Spring!


The Nurturer 1%: sweet fern*, bee balm*, lavender*, tulsi

Tasting notes: herbaceous, refreshing, floral

Talking points: Our Cancer Season flavor with locally foraged and homegrown ingredients, crafted to celebrate the lush green and expansive energy of the solstice!

Cancer Season: Summer

The Old Soul 1%: chaga*, white pine*

Tasting notes:  bright, rich, nourishing

Talking points: Made with locally foraged chaga (an antioxidant-rich mushroom that is parasitic to birch trees) and white pine (high in vitamin C and known for its support of the respiratory system), taste the forest floor! 


Party Punch 5%: strawberry, lemon, ginger

Tasting notes: zesty, tart, fruity

Talking points: everyone’s favorite hard kombucha with a flavor profile reminiscent of a Moscow mule

Year Round

Passion Project 5%: passion fruit, raspberry, lime, lemongrass*

Tasting notes: tart,6.  citrusy, floral, aromatic 

Talking points: A vibrant blend that may whisk you away to some place warmer! 


Patchwork Princess 5%: rhubarb*, ginger, strawberry leaf*

Tasting notes: tart, zesty, herbal

Talking points: crafted with local rhubarb from Brandmore Farm in Rollinsford and Auspicious Brew's own homegrown strawberry leaf!


The Peacemaker 1%: cranberry, ginger, lemon balm*

Tasting notes: bright, tart, light, refreshing

Talking points: Our Libra seasonal flavor. Elegant and straightforward, with just a little bite — just like Libra 

Libra Season/Fall/Winter

Reprise Party 1%: hibiscus, ginger, turmeric, lemon, lime, orange zest

Tasting notes:  zesty, tart, earthy

Talking points: Bringing this one back for a minute to showcase our original Party Punch recipe! 

Year Round

Right As Rain 1%: echinacea*, ginger, lemon, honey*

Tasting notes: bright, warming, nourishing

Talking points: Everything you need to get you through the cold weather season feeling right as rain


River Rambler 5%: blueberry, Thai basil, lime

Tasting notes: bright, aromatic, herbaceous

Talking points: Juicy blueberries matched with fresh lime and fragrant and bold Thai basil, bringing in notes of anise and black pepper


Rose Colored Glasses 1%: rose, ginger, lemon

Tasting notes:  floral, spicy, bright

Talking points: one of our OG flavors, light and uplighting

Year Round

Spellcaster 5%: asian pear, lemongrass, tulsi, clove

Tasting notes: elegant, juicy, spiced

Talking points: Fall seasonal made with juicy pear, warming clove, and herbal favorites lemongrass and tulsi


Star of the Show 1%: tulsi*

Tasting notes: floral, sweet, aromatic, soft notes of pepper

Talking points: Tulsi is an Indian variety of basil, an adaptogen that helps the body cope with stress


Starry Night 5%: Concord grape, cardamom

Tasting notes: juicy, spiced, tannic
Talking points: a fall flavor blended with cool, cozy nights in mind


The Storyteller 1%: lilac*, spearmint*

Tasting notes: floral, bright, refreshing 

Talking points: Our Gemini inspired flavor with the fresh flavors of locally grown lilac and spearmint


Summer Jam 5%: strawberry, basil

Tasting notes: tart, sweet, peppy

Talking points: The name says it all. Welcome, summer!!


Sunshine Daydream 5%: papaya, lime, serano pepper

Tasting notes: tropical, bright, spicy

Talking points: We created this one for the warm, sunny days we wait all year for! Slightly spicy, perfectly thirst quenching! 


Sweet Spot 5%: peach, sweet fern*, cinnamon, honey

Tasting notes: sweet, herbal, juicy, spiced

Talking points: Fresh peach meet locally foraged sweet fern- a common woodland plant that is extremely fragrant and often found in sandy soils. 



Starry Nights 5%: concord grape*, cardamom, clove

Tasting notes: juicy, spiced, tannic, fragrant

Talking points: Made with fresh, local Concord grapes, slightly dry mouth feel like a wine


The Visionary 5%: blood orange, tangerine, rosehip, ginger

Tasting notes: bright, warming, tart 

Talking points: An Aquarius inspired flavor to celebrate the height of winter and the light returning

Aquarius Season: The height of winter


The Wanderer 5%: carrot*, ginger, lemon balm*

Tasting notes: earthy, vegetal, herbal, dry, zesty

Talking points: our Sagittarius season flavor, made with local carrots and lemon balm! 

Sagittarius Season: The end of fall

White Mountain 5%: quince*, lime basil*, ginger

Tasting notes: tart, floral, bright

Talking points: the unique fruit quince, similar to an apple or pear, imparts fragrant notes of citrus and vanilla into this blend


Yuzu You %1: yuzu, ginger, tulsi*

Tasting notes: zesty, bright, floral

Talking points: Yuzu is an East Asian citrus that's somewhere between a lemon and a Mandarin orange. We paired it with ginger and our homegrown tulsi, and are obsessed with the results!



*= made with locally sourced ingredients

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