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Stellar Sips is a monthly wellness series designed with the seasons in mind! Auspicious Brew as a whole was born out of a similar vision, when owner & head brewer Helen became a certified herbalist and began to explore fermentation as a way to keep busy with plants all year round. Fast forward 10 years, and Helen has joined forces with Kate, our resident brewery witch, to create a truly magical offering inspired by both Earth & cosmos.

✨ Welcome to Stellar Sips! ✨

Each month after the Sun has entered a new zodiac sign, we will gather together for a workshop or celebration that taps into each astrological archetype as well as the wheel of the seasons here in New England.

Throughout the year, you can ex
pect live music, yoga and other movement practices, and hands-on skill sharing that moves us all toward greater wellness, self-sovereignty, and alignment with the cycles of Mother Earth. Last but most certainly not least, at each event we’ll reveal a brand new zodiac-inspired kombucha flavor to celebrate the season!

We are so excited to invite you into the brewery in a whole new way. We can’t wait to see the community that forms around this very special offering, from our hearts to yours.










♈️ Aries Season ♈️

Ecstatic Dance:

Fanning the Flames

with Ankati Day

Thursday, March 23rd


Check out the FB event here

Grab your ticket here

Let's tap into the fiery self-expression of Aries with an evening of Ecstatic Dance led by Ankati Day!

Come celebrate the Spring Equinox with us as we transform one half of the tasting room into a dance floor and the other half into a cozy Chill Space. Ankati will be our DJ and guide throughout the evening as we fan the flames of our most authentic, embodied expression.

Ecstatic Dance is a growing movement that combines the unstructured, free-form groovin' of a DJ dance party with the thoughtful intentionality of a community safe space.

You can think of the whole evening as a journey: an inward journey of self-expression and an outward journey of conscious community-building. We'll begin with an opening circle at 7 o'clock, so please arrive in time to grab a drink, get settled, and tune into your personal intentions for the evening.

We know you'll love The Go-Getter: a spicy hard kombucha inspired by the feisty spirit of Aries!

When we come together in Ecstatic Dance, there are four guidelines:

1. Consent is the law of the land. Every dancer is welcome to their space; if you want to dance with, hug, or otherwise share contact with someone, get permission first.

2. No talking on the dance floor; please speak in quiet voices in the Chill Space only, and let the music and movement guide the dance!

3. No phones on the dance floor, including videos or photos of the dancers. Take this time to engage directly with the world and set your screen aside!

4. This is a safe dance space. Let's partake in the brewery's delicious classic and hard kombuchas while maintaining a high value on clarity of presence: please do not arrive intoxicated or drink to excess during the dance. Kombucha's natural effervescence can enhance our experience of becoming naturally ecstatic on the movement, rather than on alcohol or drugs. The brewery's non-alcoholic cafe menu will also be on offer all night.

Grab your ticket here! This event is offered on a sliding scale of $15-$25. After navigating to the ticketing page, you will be prompted to choose your price before you hit the "Attend" button.



Ankati Day brings the tools of Yoga, dance, sound and energy healing, ceremonial space, and facilitation to guide seekers on the road to embodiment. You can keep in touch with Ankati on IG @ankatiday or online at

NOTE: Auspicious Brew has two parking spaces to the left of our entrance, and there is metered street parking all along Washington Street out front. If you can't find a space in either of those places, you should be fine in the dirt lot across the street from the brewery.



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