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Stellar Sips is a monthly wellness series designed with the seasons in mind! Auspicious Brew as a whole was born out of a similar vision, when owner & head brewer Helen became a certified herbalist and began to explore fermentation as a way to keep busy with plants all year round. Fast forward 10 years, and Helen has joined forces with Kate, our resident brewery witch, to create a truly magical offering inspired by both Earth & cosmos.

✨ Welcome to Stellar Sips! ✨

Each month after the Sun has entered a new zodiac sign, we will gather together for a workshop or celebration that taps into each astrological archetype as well as the wheel of the seasons here in New England.

Throughout the year, you can expect live music, yoga and other movement practices, and hands-on skill sharing that moves us all toward greater wellness, self-sovereignty, and alignment with the cycles of Mother Earth. Last but most certainly not least, at each event we’ll reveal a brand new zodiac-inspired kombucha flavor to celebrate the season!

We are so excited to invite you into the brewery in a whole new way. We can’t wait to see the community that forms around this very special offering, from our hearts to yours.











♐️ Sagittarius Season ♐️

Show & Tell

Wednesday, December 7th


Free to attend

Check out the FB event here!


~*~ The first of many WIP nights ~*~

What are YOU working on?

Bring your work in progress (WIP)... or photos of a larger project... or sketches, plans, or ideas for projects to be!

Show us your latest art project and/or tell us your creative vision.

You do NOT need to be a visual artist to get something out of this WIP night... daydreamers, activists, and local weirdos are all MOST welcome.

Show us a canvas, a sketchbook, a video you posted on Instagram, a rambling idea you sent in a late-night text. Bring supplies if you want to work while we chat, and bring an appetite if you want to order Dos Mexican Eats.

Grab a pint of The Wanderer and let's CREATE!!!



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